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Our Footprint

Our clients hail from such diverse countries as:

  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • South Korea
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • EE UU
  • Spain
  • France
  • Guatemala
  • India
  • England
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan

Business Sectors


At Gestión Global, we are experts in delivering our services to investors doing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects or other similar projects, signing Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), developing construction projects, or generating renewable energy, offering the accounting and financial support needed to enable agile communication with all the stakeholders involved in the process; our professionals are also trained in the CEN’s payment and invoicing review standards. We have partnerships with commercial asset managers (pricing control), which sets us apart from most other service providers in these areas.


Agriculture is one of the cornerstones of the global economy. In both Chile and the rest of the world, the agricultural sector is in need of more specialization and technology, as well as clear and timely financial reporting. IFRS requires biological assets to be accurately valued, which is why it is essential for management to work closely with the accounting team. Our clients include agricultural companies working under the simplified or presumed income tax regime, in addition to others working on various projects in the sector. We are familiar with the international accounting standards that govern the recording of biological assets, as well as all standards required to develop accurate financial statements.


Some of Gestión Global’s clients include foreign investors who are investing in major mining projects in Chile, as well as mining service suppliers, including: spare parts, technical advising, environmental consulting, and more. We keep accounting records for companies of this sort in every phase of the process: exploration, prospecting, exploitation, and development, so we have the right technology tools to deliver reliable information to senior management and keep excellent track of reviews and decision-making.

Real Estate and Construction

Some of our clients at Gestión Global have developed projects like building photovoltaic plants, roads, fuel tanks, and large-scale gas projects, high-voltage power lines, etc. We have the know-how and tools to efficiently manage cost control, project revenue, status reports, and more, to help you successfully manage all the contracts you have with your customers.


The world of investments is vast and diverse, limited not only to the range of investment instruments on the market, like shares, mutual funds, term deposits, swaps, forwards, etc., but also foreign-capital investments in Chile and vice versa. This means you have to be constantly alert to the evolving tax requirements released recently. At Gestión Global, we have broad experience in this sphere. We make sure you keep accurate financial records and give them the right tax treatment. We are specialized in this area, and many of our clients are major foreign investors who have placed their trust in us and made us the visible face of their companies in Chile. Some of our top clients include: private investment funds with different purposes (financial, agriculture, development), investment companies (holding, related parties in different latitudes), financial companies, family offices, and entities reporting to the CMF, UAF, etc.

Informatic and tecnology

Technology is undoubtedly essential to the development of an enterprise. Companies are successful to the degree that they gamble on developing technology in-house and having experts in the realm is vital to achieving your goals. Gestión Global not only helps you develop in-house technology, but we also have major clients among our ranks that offer IT consulting to companies in such diverse sectors as retail, banking, communications, services, and many more.

Clinical Research

In recent years, several major companies have come to Chile to conduct clinical studies. Gestión Global has supported them in areas beyond accounting, creating a partnership with the Carey pharmaceuticals team in everything related to regulations with government agencies.


The world of medications is undoubtedly growing in Chile, which entails constant challenges for pharmaceutical companies, due to domestic regulations in healthcare, as well as the marketing requirements clients themselves impose. That is why, together with Carey, we have developed an ongoing partnership to evaluate any regulatory aspect in this realm. We also have systems for inventory control, a cornerstone of the medications market.
Gestión Global works with both small pharmaceutical companies and major players who have come to invest in Chile; we have experience with these types of companies. Our support systems are reliable tools for such tasks as inventory control and valuation, costing, invoicing, and more.

Non-Profit Foundations and Organizations

Chile is also home to companies exempt from income tax (foundations, trade associations, sports clubs, etc.). Although not required to pay income tax on the businesses they run, they do need to keep accounting records to meet regulatory requirements, or, if applicable, requirements from the Justice Ministry. They must also be able to demonstrate to the tax authority through accounting records that they are not earning any income that could be subject to tax and that they are up to date with the basic tax obligations, like paying wages, the withholding tax, social benefits, the flat-rate tax, etc.

Consulting and Advising Services

At Gestión Global, many of the clients in our portfolio offer consulting and advising services as their core business. We have the tools and experience to maintaining accounting records for these types of companies, which enables us to respond to our clients’ requirements in a timely fashion.

Product to Market

To be successful, companies that market products need support in such areas as importing merchandise, warehousing, logistics, inventory, costing, etc. Gestión Global has the experience and technology resources to prepare accounting records and value costs and inventory, as well as forge partnerships with storage and logistics vendors and customs agents, which enables us to provide a service that fully meets our clients’ needs.