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We help you achieve your objectives

We deliver rapid and timely information for decision-making.

Experts in End-to-End Solutions

We have the experience and the tools to support you in managing your business

Flexibility and tailored services

All of our resources are available to meet your requirements

Training and continuous improvement

It grows with professionals highest level, with constant training and strong challenges


Gestión Global has a team of experts with profound expertise and practical experience in the industry, ready to help our customers take on their challenges.

What makes us different?

Tax Compliance

The Chilean tax system is constantly evolving, so it’s important to work with experts who can make sure you are complying with all of your company’s tax obligations.

Accounting Consulting

Accounting is a powerful tool companies use to make management decisions. We deliver quality reports that enable our clients to work on the basis of reliable and timely information.


We consult with you to make sure our course content matches our client’s real needs and help strategically manage human resources. 

Payroll Management

We have a great team of professionals who are experts in personnel management, confidential compensation, and expatriate employees, providing our clients with personalized and high-quality service. We can meet highly-complex needs, maintaining confidentiality at all times and safeguarding personal information. 

Back Office

Our team’s flexibility to respond to all types of client requests is what enables us to deliver quality service with a personal touch.

Recruitment and selection

Our team is focused on providing tailored solutions. We see every search as a challenge. Close contact, constant feedback, personalized service, and agility.

Head Hunting

We engage with your organization to find the best candidate to fill your high-impact position. Close contact, constant feedback, personalized service, and agility.

Our history

Gestión Global was founded over 10 years ago to provide end-to-end, high-quality service to primarily foreign clients. Since the very beginning, our philosophy has revolved around having associates who live up to the highest professional standards when it comes to quality, excellence, and ethics. One of our company’s top values has been to constantly develop and adapt to meet our clients’ needs. We began with Tax and Accounting Compliance, and have since expanded to other areas, with a major focus on foreign companies bringing employees to Chile. We now offer Payroll Management, Personnel Recruitment and Selection, and Training. Nowadays, we employ around 90 people. We firmly believe that the success of our organization depends on each and every one of our employees developing to their full potential, and we complement that with the best technology tools.